Ghostrider in the Sky

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412 pages

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Ghostrider in the Sky is a tense, steamy and accurate portrayal of the Vietnam era. It begins with Anna's discovery that she was conceived out of wedlock by a man her mother knew briefly. The central character, Norris Blakeman, is unaware that he sired a child while he spent the summer in Paris. This novel follows the lives of three college roommates as it delves into the psychological effects of those who fought the war and those who chose to abstain or protest.


About Gordon L. Bocher

Gordon L. Bocher served 11 1/2 years in the Air Force. He flew 127 combat rides as a Fire Control Officer (FCO) aboard the AC-130A Gunship. As a recue navigator, Bocher participated in the abortive attempt to rescue the 55 hostages held in Iran. Throughout his service, Bocher was awarded two Distinguished Flying Cross medals, eight Air Medals, The Purple Heart, The Conspicuous Service Award from Gov. Mario Cuomo (NY) and two nominations for The Silver Star.



IT HAD BEEN SIX MONTHS since Anna’s father died. His brother, Uncle John, phoned her. “Are you up to receiving a visitor?” he asked after the usual greetings.


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